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..."an immensely gifted pianist”…. "Throughout, Lent’s playing is deliberate, elegant, relaxed, clearly articulated, and attentive to details... This invaluable artist, first an esteemed jazz musician and trumpet player, now an accomplished keyboard artist has in this, his first solo album as a pianist, a hands-down winner”.
Rafael de Acha  (Music Notes Feb. 2020 Cincinnati, OH)

"Comfortable in multiple milieus, Lent proves to be an optimal Gershwin interpreter, given the composer's gift for integrating folk, blues, ragtime, jazz, and classical elements into melodically resonant material… "his interpretation rivals others in his sensitive handling of pacing, dynamics, melodic articulation, and rhythmic pulse."

Ron Schepper  (Textura April. 2020 Ontario, Canada)   

"The music is impeccably played by Roger Lent, and the end result is an excellent tribute to one side of George Gershwin’s outstanding musical legacy”.

Scott Yanow (Los Angeles Jazz Scene, April 2020)   

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